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Loopmasters Pedestrian Dusty Electronica MULTiFORMAT | 1.15 Gb

Pedestrian: Dusty Electronica is an ethereal selection of hypnotic sounds with a range of influences from acclaimed producer Pedestrian. With all content 100% Royalty-Free, Loopmasters deliver samples enriched with Pedestrian's lauded production values and meticulous ear for electronic soul.

Pedestrian has refined his distinctive and entrancing style through early exposure to soulful Drum and Bass, via everything Hip Hop, House and Garage has to offer. With releases and remixes on a broad spectrum of labels, from Metalheadz to Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label, the Pedestrian sound has progressed firmly along its own deep and eclectic path. Supported by luminaries such as Bonobo, Ifan Dafydd, Gang Colours and Huw Stephens, Pedestrian's deep appreciation of all strands of music lends as much to his absorbing, intricate and fun live sets as it does his production.

Pedestrian brings you over 1.5 GB of his high-calibre sounds with deep basslines, enigmatic melodies, shuffling drums and textured percussion. 198 loops are included with over 50 melodic loops featuring synths, guitars, keys and flute to intertwine over the creeping basslines. Pedestrian's unique style delivers expert percussion, FX and beats with full drums, tops and dissected parts to choose from, and his signature pitched vocals to add the human touch. 10 multi-sampled sounds direct from the Pedestrian studio are included to play live like the man himself, and 294 individual sounds come with pre-formatted sampler patches for your favourite DAW. You'll find kicks, snares, percussion, hats and clap hits to trigger and sequence, with FX, bass and synth hits for further sonic adventures. As with all Loopmasters packs, all melodic content is key labelled for instant integration in your music.


• 24-Bit/44.1kHz

• 40 Synth Loops

• 36 Bass Loops

• 33 Top Loops

• 29 Full Drum Loops

• 20 Percussion Loops

• 12 Instrument Loops

• 10 Vocal Loops

• 8 Drum Part Loops

• 8 FX Loops

• 108 Drum Hits

• 26 FX

• 18 Bass Hits

• 12 Synth Hits

• 5 Bass Multis

• 5 Synth Multis

• 257 REX2 Files

• 56 Soft Sampler Patches

• 10 Kong

loopmasters行人尘土飞扬的电子格式| 1.15 GB

行人:Dusty Electronica与著名制片人行人一系列影响催眠的声音空灵的选择。100%所有内容免费,提供丰富的行人称赞loopmasters生产价值和细致的耳电子灵魂样品。

行人有自己独特的风格和迷人的优雅通过早期接触深情的鼓和低音,通过一切嘻哈,房子和车库已提供。在一个广泛的标签发布和混音,从metalheadz Gilles Peterson Brownswood标签,行人的声音已经坚定地沿着自己的深和折中的路径。名人如倭黑猩猩,Ifan Dafydd支持,帮派色彩和Huw Stephens,行人深深感谢所有股音乐增添多他的吸收、复杂和有趣的活套为它自己的生产。

步行给你带来的1.5 GB的他的大口径超过声音深低音,神秘的旋律,鼓和打击乐洗牌质感。包括198个循环回路,具有超过50的旋律合成器,吉他,钥匙和长笛交织在爬行的贝斯。行人独特的风格,提供专业的打击乐,FX和节拍与充分鼓,顶部和解剖部分可供选择,和他的签名音调人声添加人情味。10多个声音采样直接从行人工作室包括玩活得像他自己,294个人的声音来预格式化的采样器补丁,你最喜欢的黎明。你会发现踢,圈套,打击乐,帽子和拍打触发序列,与外汇,进一步冒险低音合成器打声。如同所有的loopmasters包,所有的旋律内容的关键是标记的即时整合在你的音乐。


•24比特/ 44.1khz











•26 FX








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