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Loopmasters House Nirvana MULTiFORMAT | 642 Mb

House Nirvana from Loopmasters present a deep voyage of House and Tech covering classic retro alongside modern Deep and Future styles. Expect to find a wealth of loops, one-shots and sampler patches to use 100% Royalty-Free in your music. 'House Nirvana' should be an essential House sample library in any House and Techno producer's library.

'House Nirvana' has 913 MB of top-draw House & Tech content with bouncy drums, choppy basslines and shapeshifting percussion. With a Jackin' House/Garage twist you'll find drum loops of all forms with full drums, tops, kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion, allowing you to layer beats like a pro. Bubbling synth loops, low down bass, pitched-up vocals and twisted FX complete this Deep Tech collection to get your music rolling into the early hours.

Delivered in industry-standard 24-Bit Quality across WAV, Apple Loops and REX2 formats, this sample pack contains all the melodic loops to give you maximum creative flexibility inside your DAW. Loops aside, there are 250 one-shot samples included with drums, bass and synths to program and perform in your DAW. Each sample comes with a pre-made sampler patch for the top five formats 10 multi-sampled instruments put the power of synths in your hands through 130 individually sampled notes. 20 Sylenth presets and 357 REX2 loops are also included for further sonic adventures.

Provided at 123-124 BPM, 'Deep Tech Nirvana' is ideal for House, Tech-House, Techno, Garage, Future Bass and more. As with all Loopmasters releases, all content is key labelled for instant integration in your tracks. Expertly produced and engineered with a refined mix of analogue and digital tools, this deep Tech-Huse pack is locked and loaded with hundreds of unique, authentic and inspiring sounds to kick-start your next Tech-House burner. Check out the sounds for yourself with the free taster pack and see the specs for more details.


• 913 MB

• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality

• 60 Top Loops

• 59 Synth Loops

• 55 Full Drum Loops

• 46 Bass Loops

• 38 Kick Snare Loops

• 34 Percussion Loops

• 30 Vocal Loops

• 13 FX Loops

• 10 Kick Loops

• 10 Hat Loops

• 1 Kick Clap Loop

• 80 Drum Hits

• 20 Bass Hits

• 20 Synth Hits

• 5 Bass Multis

• 5 Synth Multis

• 357 REX2 Files

• 63 Soft Sampler Patches

• 5 Kong

• 20 Sylenth Presets

多格式| loopmasters房子涅盘642 MB


“涅盘”的房子有913 MB的上方画家科技有波涛汹涌的贝斯和鼓,敲击时。一个工作'房子/车库扭你会发现各种形式的全鼓,顶,踢,圈套,鼓掌鼓循环,帽子和打击,让你层跳动像亲。鼓泡合成回路,低的低音,扎营的嗓音和扭曲的外汇完成这个深技术集合来获取你的音乐滚动到凌晨。

在行业标准的24位质量在WAV交付,苹果和REX2格式,这个样品包中包含了所有的旋律循环给你最大的创作的灵活性,你的地位。循环之外,还有250个拍摄样本包括鼓、贝司和合成器程序在你的DAW执行。每个样品带有预制采样器补丁前五格式10多采样仪器把合成器的力量掌握在你的手中通过130个采样记录。20 sylenth预置357 REX2回路还包括进一步的音速小子历险记。

在48 BPM提供,深科技涅盘'是理想的房子,科技大厦,科技,车库,未来的Bass和更多。如同所有的loopmasters发布,所有内容的关键是标记的即时整合在自己的轨道上。熟练地制作和设计精致的混合模拟和数字工具,深科技湖色包锁装有数百个独特的,真实的和鼓舞人心的声音来开始你的下一个科技家燃烧器。看看自己的声音与免费品尝包,看到规格详情。


•913 MB

•24比特/ 44.1khz质量




















•20 sylenth预置

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